Vero Concept Ltd. is an extraordinary wine boutique and consultancy. We admire fine wines as everyone do, but believe there are many small wineries and indigenous grape varieties, which produce great wines at a fraction of price from expensive chateaus. Wine collectors may open that 1961 Cheval Blanc on a weekend afternoon, but wine lovers want to enjoy wines at affordable price range during dinners, friends gatherings and family occasions.

  • Wines from France, Italy and Spain -- with strong focus in biodynamic and organic wines. Available in wholesale for trade, and retail for private customers.

  • Gourmet -- ham, Italian condiments and premium mineral water.

  • Events -- catering for private and corporate clients on special occasions.
  • Consultancy – fine wine sourcing, cellar purchasing and overseas wine trip.

You may discover more information about our company from our corporate website:  www.veroconcept.net